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CJ-P7A coin holder keychain

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Key chain

Patent Product


Patent Product

Why do buyer source gift items from us?

If you are looking for premium gift items from a manufacturer that understands the needs of customers, you have come to right place.  We have been manufacturing and exporting to all over the world since 1987.  


We’re professional OEM as well as ODM manufacturer of zamac (zinc alloy) products with strict quality control and advance technology.  Besides custom made products, we have R& D department continuously inventing and developing new products.  Many of them even have obtained patent right.


Our customers include a long list of well-know brand – Hugo Boss, Disney, Coca Cola, Eden Park, and so on.  Quality is the first concern of these big buyers and brands.  To assure them of product consistency, we meticulously check our items at all steps of production. 


The companies of big brand select us, which we believe, we’re your best choice in the industry.


Metal Key Chain - (8)
Buckle - (18)
Bag Hanger(9)
Coin - (13)
Coin - (15)
Bag Hanger(10)
Mobile Strap - (11)
1st version JELIKU-1
Coin - (8)

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